Friday 17 February 2017

Today's the day!

You know how there are some things which just take you back... to another place, another time, perhaps even another love? Well one of those songs for me, is Me &Mrs Jones.

Now I know that's a strange choice for a woman, as it's basically about a man who is in love with another man's wife, but it's more about the slow, smooth tempo of the song, and how the melody seems to get right into my heart, than about the lyrics.

That's why I was so excited to discover that the legendary Roy G. Hemmings, [formerly of The Drifters] is performing at the Birmingham REP theatre on the 14th July.

He's running a fabulous line-up of songs, including Love Train, My Girl and loads of others you will instantly recognise. I know I'll be there in the audience, toe-tapping and singing along, will you?

The other reason I'm excited today, is that today's the day that my newest novel, Ascension, comes out. Like an anxious mother waving goodbye to her child on his or her first day of school, I am anxious that Ascension is loved by everyone; that everyone likes and respects it...

Honestly, it's the strangest feeling. People often ask if I am proud when I release a new book. Well for the parents amongst you, do you remember the first time you took your child out in public? How you wanted to show him or her to the whole world, yet also protect them from any harm the big bad world might represent? You do? Well that's exactly how I feel today.

So if you see me out and about today - please be gentle!

And, as ever, happy reading! x

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Press Release as featured in newspapers.

Worcestershire author Carmen Capuano is about to make a bit of a stir this month, with the release of her latest novel, Ascension, which she describes as a cross between The Hunger Games and The Da Vinci Code.

Ascension will make a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s certainly not a book for the faint hearted – and that’s exactly why I was so driven to write it,” says Capuano.
And it’s not the author’s first foray into uncomfortable territory. Split Decision which was published previously, caused a small furore when it came out, for its gritty content. Now, under even bigger publishers, Capuano hopes to earn more acclaim for this newest offering.

“I believe that if a story doesn’t make you sit up and think, then the author isn’t doing their job correctly. People tell me my books are riveting and it’s exactly for that reason that I write them.”

And Capuano is no stranger to controversy. “Having been raised as both a Protestant and a Catholic in Glasgow, I was best placed to see how religion can be used as a tool, to control, and to ignite passions.”  
Set in a dystopian world where unmarried mothers are vilified within their Ascension religion, having their children removed and being used as the under-belly of society, the story is fast-paced and gripping.

“Because of the way I write, each new twist and turn of the plot left me breathless, eager for the next page… Ascension’s world is like a dark mirror to our own, an alternative route through our history and the main character is as strong and as bold as I hope I could be in her circumstances.”

Ascension is available through Amazon and all major book retailers.