Saturday 14 February 2015

Here is the link again as requested.

Thursday 12 February 2015

I am putting a link on here for no other reason than I liked it. I'm sure you will too...

It's uniquely Irish and is about 50 Shades of Tea :)

Here it is

Saving Grace

Here is a little excerpt from Saving Grace that I have just written.

“But I want them to stay together!” Grace wailed, feeling herself start to tremble with fear.

“Sometimes we can’t always have what we want,” Benito said kindly. “And when people love us we have a responsibility to them.”

“Don’t you mean that the other way around? That if they love us they have a responsibility to us?” Grace queried.

Benito shook his head. “Being loved is the greatest honour anyone can bestow upon you. So you have to measure up to it. You have to put aside your own fears and desires and think about what is best for them.”
Saving Grace is a book for children which blends reality and fiction in a way that helps them come to terms  with the concepts of divorce and separation.  Darkly humorous, it is insightful and thought provoking.
You can hear me talk about Saving Grace, Split Decision, The Owners and all of my soon-to-be-released books at one of my forthcoming talks. Details to follow shortly.
Happy Reading. 
I must apologise for the lack of blogging over the last few days, but things have been frantic and there is just so much going on.

Please bear with me as I have a whole list of events to post. Next week things should be calmer and I will get up-to-date with you all.

Until then - Happy Reading!