Thursday, 28 February 2013

Here's another little bit. I do wonder what you think when you read these little bits. Are you piecing together the whole story?

The woman laughed even more hysterically. In a tumbled heap next to her mother, Eve suddenly knew this person was a threat. Without conscious thought, the child reacted instinctively and as the woman brought her face close once more, Eve lifted her strange legs and the wickedly sharp talons that were attached to them.

Another little snippet of the chapter/book I am working on at the moment.

Greta reached deep inside herself and pulled out Gretchen, the little street-smart girl who was so good at interpreting body language. He did not know it was you standing there, Gretchen thought at her. So who then? Greta thought back at herself. Obviously someone else! The doctor? Gretchen supplied. It was logical, especially the comment about cleaning himself up. Greta thought no more about it. But right in the very, very back of her mind Gretchen mulled it over.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Now if you are an American reading this [and I know that some of you are] you may well be wondering why I chose to set Volume II in America.

Well the honest truth is that the story just demanded it. But there is no denying that as a Brit, it is hard to write as if native to America. On the other hand we share so many ideologies between the two nations, as well as a love of certain foods and tv shows, that is is not perhaps as insurmountable a task as it initially seems.

Maybe one day I'll get over there for a visit. If you will have me.
 I have just checked Amazon and Volume III is listed on there now! I am very excited!
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Here is another snippet

Jack spoke up. He thought of the young, frightened boy Parm must have been. “And in a way, you felt they had done you a disservice, in showing you there was a better life to be had. Because you couldn’t have that life.” He thought about Dan, how if it had been Dan scrabbling in the dirt …or Katie or even one of her brothers. He thought about the injustice of it all – life in general. It had been unjust before and it would continue to be so – it was nature, the way of the world but it did not make it any less unpalatable.
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I am writing today! Fire on [it's very cold] and laptop to is a little snippet of The Owners Volume IV

Parm didn’t seem in the least offended or taken aback. In fact he looked very much like he had been anticipating the question for a very, very long time.

He smiled broadly at the two men before him. “Money talks, my friends, money talks. And its voice is the same in every language – a sound like sweet rustling leaves on a cool summer’s day.”

There was a universal silence. Parm worked the quietness like a conductor worked an orchestra, timing and pacing it just right to maximum effect. The atmosphere in the room thickened until the air felt gloopy with tension.