Thursday, 26 March 2015

It's a love/hate thing!

I'm working on The Owners Volume VII at the moment and have just introduced a brand new character. Her name is Matilda and it looks like she's going to be a star player. Already I can tell that you will love her and then maybe grow to hate her with some empathising thrown in along the way.

You see poor Matilda is caught in a situation where her perception of reality becomes slewed. Like all of us, she is after all only human, and comes with pre-conceived ideas and notions about the world around her. It is these very notions which are going to devastate her life and the lives of all she touches.

The Owners Volume VII :Hunter's Moon

You have been warned!

Carmen. x

Monday, 23 March 2015


This week the Bromsgrove Standard are beginning the serialisation of one of my novels so please do look out for that - I am so excited!

In addition to this great news, I have been officially commissioned to write the beginning of a short story to form the basis of a writing competition. The entries will then be judged in two categories 7-11 years and 12-16 years. For more information about entering this,please contact Bleakhouse Library on 0121 422 2798.

More exciting news to follow...

News Flash.

I have had a frantic March. I know it's not over yet but this week at least things are quieter.

As you may know I am now working on The Owners Volume VII and loving every moment of it.

Split Decision will be out soon. The Plan, The Boy Who Rescues Pigeons, Saving Grace, The Trouble With Mellillia and Ascension will all follow shortly after Split Decision. Bear with me, I really am going as fast as I can...

Oh and to the fan who came up to me on Friday at the event I attended- thank you so much for your kind comments. I am so glad you are enjoying the series.

Happy Reading!