Saturday, 29 June 2013

I have got to stop crying!

I have just written chapter seventeen, where one of my most beloved characters dies and I am heart broken. I didn't want him to die and I even tried to resuscitate him but his death was central to the plot and unavoidable.

And so I am grieving.

Unfortunately  this is not the only time in the past week I have cried. I watched the film District 9 the other night and it had me in floods of tears as well!

So now I have to add that to the list of film I can't watch without having a blubber. Here are my top ten...and in no particular order.

1. King Kong - I LOVE that hairy beast!
2. Truly, madly, deeply - the actors are so real and it gets me every time,
3. Dirty Dancing - I figure that's a kind of odd one here, but I cry!
4. District 9 - obviously!
5. Ghost - there's a definite Patrick Swayze theme here [ahem!]
6. The Lion King - yes I do know it's animation but when the daddy lion holds the cub up....
7. The notebook - oh my God I cried from start to end
8. I am legend - just because he is so alone [and the dog dies]
9. Schindler's list - they almost had to remove me from the cinema
 and finally,
10. Up - another animation which my children did not entirely understand in all its subtleties but I did.

There are of course many, many others, some of which have yet to be written.

But the hardest of all are the ones you write for yourself...

Have a great weekend and do something fun. I sure hope to.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Work? Or Play?

You know the saying about all work and no play making Jack a dull boy? Well today I took heed of it...

I love writing...not so much the actual doing of it but the result at the end of a morning, when I have filled previously blank pages with lines of text.

But not today. Today I took a day off and did something completely different. And I feel so much better for it.

So, now that I have had a little break and a little 'me' time, rest assured I will be right back on track asap.

The Owners, Volume V: Eyon Rising is coming soon...

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Right I am now officially past the halfway point. My head is splitting with an intense other writers have headaches when they write? I don't know.

If you are a writer, please let me know if you suffer for your art too. [Starving in an garret is of course optional, however I do sleep in the loft. Does that count?]

But I have composed ten pages in 4 hours so at least its productive!

Another day, another dollar...

Here is the very latest from Volume V of The Owners

“I aint’ gonna hurt you little fella. And I’m gonna’ make sure no one else tries to either!” he said over the lump in his throat.

Hesitantly, the creature shuffled in Aaron’s lap, plumping up its feathers and ruffling them as if preparing for something. Seth thought he saw something flicker in its eyes…as if some understanding of his words, or at least the meaning contained within them, had been recognised and accepted. Wings slightly hunched and shoulders tensed, the creature fluttered into Seth’s arms and settled there.

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Owners Volume V : Eyon Rising

Every lamp in the room was aglow but rather than the room be filled with light, so that all shadows were banished, the combined effect of light from so many different sources, seemed to make the shadows even more prolific and pronounced than they ought to have been.

Strange caricatures seemed to leap around the walls, stolen shadows of the people who stood so close but almost unmoving. It was almost as if the shadows had developed a life of their own, independent and separate from both the people who cast them and each other.

A trick of the combined lights, the dancing gloomy shapes made her feel quite unreal as though they sucked the life from her to use for their own devilish desires.