Friday, 14 October 2016

Praza Princess!

How often do you get to feel like a film star? Like a Goddess who graces everyone with her presence? Not often I'm guessing. Me neither!

But that is exactly what's on offer at Praza in Edgbaston. With it's sumptuous interior design, high-backed velvet armchairs which resemble thrones more than anything else, and its exquisite food, it's impossible to feel anything less.

Add to that the polite and courteous staff, who clearly take their lead from the charismatic proprietor of this high class Indian dining establishment, and it's more than just a step away from the ordinary dining experience.

There's such a lot to love about Praza because it really has it all. Great location [with free car parking] fabulous food and an amazing ambiance.

So imagine how thrilled I was to attend a VIP event last night where they were showcasing Bombay Sapphire gin. Now you know me readers, I come from Glasgow and am from Italian and Spanish descent, so I like my alcohol. In particular I love champagne and gin.

So when I was given the chance to sample Bombay Sapphire at this select event, I jumped at the chance.

I've never had this particular brand before and must admit that I thought there would be no difference to my usual brand. I was wrong. It's much, much smoother with a subtlety I haven't experienced before. In fact I demanded to read the list of ingredients in a bid to find out why it was so different and was persuaded to try another - in the cause of science of course!

So many thanks to Bombay Sapphire and to Praza for a great night and a fantastic memory!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Danger alert!

Oh! Things are starting to get dangerous for Prudence Smith...

But in both of these scenarios it would be my life and that of my family which would be the most affected. Either Helena’s child would be looked upon with fear and mistrust, reviled and cast out from society, or I would, for my truthfulness. Whatever the outcome, my family would be ostracised. So I continue to keep my mouth shut.

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Happy reading! x

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Latest paragraph

This current book is coming along at a rate of knots, even though for the last few weeks I have been tied up with other things, and haven't been able to devote much time to writing. I am now roughly quarter of the way through writing the book, and the revelations are coming thick and fast.

Dystopian in nature, the book is very character driven and focuses just as much on their motivations as it does their actions.

Here is the latest paragraph:-

You are eight weeks and one day pregnant, Prudence Smith. Congratulations to you, and to your husband, Mitchell Smith. There’s a sour taste in my mouth as I read ELSA’s words.

“That was the day we got married!” Mitchell whirls me round to face him. “We made a child that night Pru!” His face is rapturously happy and I don’t have it in me to crush him with my fears.

We had been careless that night. Just married and drunk on love and happiness, we had fallen into bed. We had never been intimate before. Never spent the night together, never explored each other’s bodies, each other’s uncovered souls.

That night we did.

It never even entered my head that I could get pregnant. It was one night, after all. Now I see how naïve I have been.

Happy Reading, x.