Sunday 5 November 2017

"Intriguing from beginning to end." A new review for Split Decision.

It's always nerve-racking when you notice a new review of one of your books. Will the reviewer have loved it? Or loathed it?

Regardless of how well it's written, how exquisitely crafted, how interesting and captivating the subject matter, both are equally possible. After all, reading is a very subjective thing. Who hasn't tried a book that was recommended by a friend, only to be disappointed?

So on that note, here is the latest review for Split Decision. Why don't you try it for yourself and see if you agree with the review?

Here's another review for Split Decision. []

4 stars
"Intriguing from beginning to end.
I went into this book kind of blind not fully understanding what it was actually about until I dived in. At times I became utterly confused as to what was going on but once it all merged it just clicked.
Natalie is a typical 15 year old girl who lives a very sheltered life. She has a good family and a best friend so what more can Nat want in life? While out shopping her destines collide and something she never thought possible was asked of her. Two boys who are total opposites of each other ask her out at the same time and on the same day. One boy she grew up with and one known to everyone as a trouble maker for his appearance alone. Natalie makes her decision and that sets her and her best friends life on a path of heartache and trauma yet filled with finding love and oneself in an unlikely person.
I will admit I was unsure of this book. When the chapters started dividing into sub chapters It threw me and I didn’t know if I would be able to finish it. I persevered and discovered a heart wrenching book with a delicate subject underneath. I was intrigued and once the book picked up I didn’t want to stop. The words used at times and the descriptions of normal things at times were a bit hard to follow. All in all it’s a very interesting read that I think people should try."