Friday, 19 July 2013

Tonsil update.

Well it is now 9:50 pm and I'm afraid the self-medicational glass of gin and coke has now worn well-and-truly off!

My body is suffused with pain which I find difficult to comprehend as I only had my tonsils operated on but I feel as if an Olympic pole vaulter has used me as a landing pad over an extended period of time.

Every part of me aches and my throat seems to be peeling the flesh off itself much like a bad paint job, on a damp wall, on a hot day...the skin is bubbling and sloughing off.

I can't cough and I can't blow my nose. If I even try, the air seems to get caught somewhere up in the swollen regions of my throat and just pushes itself noisily out, accomplishing nothing.

I am utterly miserable ...but dear readers I can take some comfort in knowing you have had a laugh at my unfortunate situation.

I hope that I will be better both in body and mind when next I blog.

Bye bye tonsils!

Yesterday I had my tonsils removed.

It was a traumatic experience both for me and the tonsils, which have been a part of me for the last 46 years. It was also exceptionally painful [although not as painful as giving birth...nothing is THAT uniquely painful, in my experience].

But worse than the pain, is the feeling of having something the size of a football lodged in the very back of your throat and so much swelling that you cannot lie down, because if you do, your airway is effectively blocked by the swelling ...and not to put too fine a point on it, you think you will die and yes you probably will! Therefore I spent last night sitting erect in bed, trying and failing to sleep.

Using a small torch [and because I am such a control freak that I just HAVE TO SEE IT], I looked at the back of my throat. It is yellow with a scorched tinge to it and looks nothing like the pink healthy flesh it used to resemble.

My voice is also changed and I could be a good stand in for the freaky Phantom of the Opera in terms of modulation of sound although the volume thing would completely defeat me, as I can only talk in whispers now.

However the very fact that I am well enough to write this blog amazes fact only an hour ago I was thinking that I was losing the will to live, as the paracetamol and anti-inflamatories failed to kick in and sooth the pain...and then I thought of having a gin and coke.

NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG, I am not advocating the use of alcohol in conjunction with tablets but OMG I suddenly feel so much where did I put those dancing shoes...?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Vital Statistics!

Here are my vital statistics :-

are you ready? Close your eyes until you think you can't handle it anymore, take a deep breath and open they are...

United Kingdom 324
Russia 133

United States 72

Ukraine 19

Netherlands 16

Japan 14

Germany 6

Italy 3

Philippines 2

Azerbaijan   2                                                                                  

Now I bet that wasn't quite what you were  thinking of...
These are my blog statistics and they do make for curious analysis. Russia consistently overtakes the US in reading my blog and sometimes even overtakes the UK...go figure.
Anyway I might be a little quiet on the blog front for a few days and indeed quiet generally, as I am about to have my tonsils taken out.
I am rather worried about this, largely due to my friend who keeps telling me that the pain is excruciating...and the fact that it will prevent me talking, singing, laughing and eating properly for a while...all the things I LOVE to do!!!

But hopefully I will still be well enough to write the odd post or two here.

As mentioned in yesterday's blog, I recently had my royalty figures come in and it was heartening to see that whilst sales of copies of volume I are still on the rise, sales of volumes II and III have also increased, indicating that I am achieving longer term readership within some quarters.

Now I have said this before but it bears saying again - please, please post a review on Amazon or wherever you bought your copy from. Even if it is a single line, it will help me, I promise!

And remember, books IV and V are almost ready to be published with the remaining five books in the series awaiting my attention. In addition to that, I have a few other novels in the pipeline, some sci-fi and some more of a cross-over between genres.

I'm not saying any more than that right will have to bide your time ;)

Anyway, once again, if you are one of my loyal readers, then many thanks. If not, then that is a question you need to be asking of yourself, because quite frankly you are depriving yourself of a really good experience ... :)

Wish me luck in waving my tonsils goodbye...adieu for now.

Carmen. x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Money, money, money!

My ebook sales figures have just come in for June and I am quietly optimistic that I might be able to stretch to a celebratory bags of chips for the kids [although it would be between them, not one each...the finances won't stretch quite that far!!!] ;)

Joking apart, if you have recently bought one of my ebooks, thank you very much.

If you would prefer a signed paperback copy, you can still email me at and send me whatever message you would like me to write [within reason of course ;)] Postage can also be arranged.

Happy hols and enjoy the there's a thought...why not take your personalised copy of The Owners [volumes I, II or III] out into the garden for a relaxing read...

The world is your oyster, slurp it well ;)

Prometheus viewed finally!

Prometheus viewed finally!

I has taken me a while to see this film and I was very excited about finally getting to watch it last night.

Having viewed the trailers on tv and the general hype for a while, I was expecting fantastic special effects and sets that looked both realistic and eerie and that was exactly what I got.

Now I am not qualified to write a film review, nor would I be particularly interested in couching my words in pseudo-psychological or technical terms; neither of these interest me, nor do they lend themselves to easy reading. All I intend to do here therefore, is give you a little insight into my opinion on the matter.

I like sci-fi [that's clearly a given, taken the fact that so far I have composed 5 books in that genre]  and although I do not write space operas, I do like to read and watch them. But having now seen this film, which is in effect a prelude to Alien, I am a tad underwhelmed by the formulaic progression of the storyline.

In all of the films, we have a rogue android, mass explosions of the aliens from human hosts and without wishing to compromise the ending for those who have not seen it [look away now, if that is the case], a sole female survivor... with of course a sole alien survivor just waiting in the wings for another crack of the whip.

That said, I did thoroughly enjoy the film; the sets and SFX were fantastical and eye-wateringly realistic at one and the same time and the acting was good and more importantly believable.

I rooted for the heroine, jumped with fear and shock when I was supposed to, I felt her loss and her pain and was heartened by her unique courage.

All good...forgive me then that I wanted the storyline to be a little more unique and little more soulful and insightful into where it blundered towards ideas of creation and the meaning  of was after all, just a film. Made to be enjoyed and not to encourage philosophical ponderings.

But perhaps that's the author in me...

So I will leave you with one final thought...why is it that as a species we hanker after this idea of creation? Why do we want so fervently to discover who or what made us? Is it because we have done such a good job of looking after the planet and each other?

I think not....must be for some other reason then, I guess.

Maybe we all should try to fix what we have in front of us before looking to the stars for answers, because then and only then, might we actually have something to be proud about, if we really did meet our makers. 

[P.S. This view is entirely my own and does not subscribe to any formal religious or non-religious doctrines  ;)  ]