Saturday, 1 November 2014

As you know I don't often paste things that have external links but today I found myself thinking once more about this extraordinary image. For that reason I decided to post it here and now.

This made me cry. It is so beautiful and so infinitely sad... we are all of us in transition, every minute of every day. Only the ending is ever clear but its the middle bit that stumps me every time...

Happy Reading folks and have a spectacular All Hallows Eve and Bonfire Night.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Oh I have a secret...or maybe even two...and I can't tell...and it's killing me!

Now those of you who know me personally will know how bursting with news I can get and this is such a biggie for me! But at the moment I am sworn to secrecy, so you will just have to wait.

What I can tell you about is the four whole days of decorating I have just done - six hours a day for four days on one staircase. Yes you read that right - ONE staircase! That said, it is an incredibly long staircase with fiddly spindles all the way along and it didn't help that on the very first day I stuck my paintbrush into my giant coffee mug instead of the paint pot!

Still it could have been worse, I could have lifted the paint to my lips and poured it all down myself - I guess if I had done that I wouldn't be needing the Halloween makeup :)

Thanks also to everyone who sent me birthday wishes via Facebook. They were much appreciated.

Happy Halloween Reading x

Monday, 27 October 2014

What have I been up to? Funny you should ask that...

On Saturday I had a lovely night with fellow author and Bromsgrovian, the glamorous and very gorgeous Cat Weatherill. We consumed a bottle of wine and put all of mankind to rights [we didn't include womenkind as we think they are generally ok ;)] It's always a pleasure to catch up with this vibrant woman.

If you haven't yet read my interview with her, why not take a look now.

Last night I went Blues dancing. Yes you read that right...blues. As you know my latest book centres around my dance experiences [and a few others - ahem!] and I thought I ought to widen my experience.

Prior to arriving, I had thought that it would be simply a slower version of Ceroc and in a way it was. But it was also far more than this, with elements of Argentinian Tango and other Latin influences mixed in.

Unused to dancing so slowly and sensually, I struggled at first. But by the tenth dance or so I literally found my feet. [Yes they were at the ends of my legs - who knew ;) ]

What I mean by that is that I stopped fumbling along the dance floor looking like a zombie on a day out and started to 'feel' the dance. There is a slow beauty to Blues I see now, an elegance not unlike that of ballet, where the moves are so slow as to be almost entrancing...

So shall I go back? Yes I think so! And to the man who stood on my toe - you are forgiven, after all who could have known that my foot would be there, at the end of my leg? ;)

A very Happy Reading to you all.