Sunday 6 June 2021

 Another review for The Owners is just in: -

The Owners: Alone

Carmen Capuano

Carmen Capuano brings us a different kind of sci fi dystopian adventure with The Owners: Alone!  In an effort to save her young hatchling friend’s freewill, fourteen year old Loni sets out on a dangerous journey.  Little do they know, there is someone across the world that shares their reservations about their society, someone that will change their fate forever.  Capuano’s sci fi dystopian drama instantly felt fresh with its interesting world lore and loveable characters!  I especially connected with Loni and Little’s bond and the overall exploration of the value of humanity.  If you love dystopian fiction with depth and a more upbeat message, definitely come check out The Owners: Alone!

Another review for Jigsaw Girl...

 I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Jigsaw Girl is now 37th in its category on Amazon. If you are currently reading it, thank you. 

Please do leave a review on Amazon and don't forget to tell your friends that it and Split Decision are currently free on kindleunlimted, or if you want to purchase them they are below £2.50 each.  

I'm also delighted to see another review for Jigsaw Girl. Keep them coming in! xx