Thursday, 28 November 2013

Aeons and Eyons!

Just had a funny moment...was checking my emails with "Four in a Bed" on in the background on my enormous new tv, when one of the contestants on it said, "it will take aeons for her to..."

And you KNOW what I thought...! I thought MY EYONS are on the tv lol!!!

A moment of madness or presentiment? I know which one I believe it was!

I'm so sorry that I have somewhat abandoned you these last couple of weeks but I have been so incredibly busy editing volumes IV-VI.

But should you wish to get a signed copy of my books you will find me in the Kingfisher Centre on 7th Dec.

Then on the 14th I will be in WHSmith in Birmingham, doing it all over again.

I will also be making appearances in Thimblemill Library and Bleakhouse Library very soon, as well as some local schools.

So if you miss me in one place, you can be sure to catch up with me in another...

Have a great weekend folks and remember that the Eyons are coming to a bookstore near you...


Monday, 25 November 2013

An Australian Fan!

Well blow my socks off!
A few days ago I received a Facebook friend request which I confirmed after looking at the person's profile and seeing that it was respectable and decent.
As usual, a little 'hello' went backwards and forwards between the two of us. But then I got a big surprise when I read this :-
"Thank you Carmen for your add and pleasure to meet you as well. Would like to say that I have actually read your first book of The Owners here in Australia after my partner read it and it was quiet enjoyable and I like the way you bring all the characters into their own form and existence...Sorry haven't had much time on my hands to go and read the other 2 as yet but I'm sure I'll find time."
The reason I was so surprised was because it was a response from Australia, that land so far away, which my great-great-grandmother emigrated to on the £10 assisted passage way back in the 60s.
Australia is a land I have always dreamed of visiting, with it's warm climate and white clean beaches, vast outdoor spaces and almost daily barbeques. And maybe...just maybe...if my book can reach those warm Antipodean shores, maybe I will manage it someday too!
Keep that surf going Australia....I'll get there yet!