Thursday, 12 September 2013

Read all about it!

Photo: Just in: All three drivers ALIVE! Rescued from waters at collapsed road Off Hwy 287/Dillon. Photo credit: TaRhonda Thomas, reporter 9 NEWS in Denver, CO. #flooding #Boulder #COwx

This is a real picture. The people trapped here were rescued alive fortunately but things might have turned out very differently indeed.

The world is becoming just like I predicted....The Owners Volume II : Storm Clouds.

If you haven't yet read it, you are missing out.

Why Blood Sky is Blood Sky!

Well its 11am and I have just finished another chapter of The Owners, Volume VI. This one explained the title choice.

I still think it's strange how I the words just come to me seemingly out of nowhere. But it works and I am grateful for that.

Sometimes I have to dash to find a little scrap of paper just to jot down a line a character has said in my head. When that happens [and it happens a lot] it is always meaningful and I always use the line.

I know that some authors work in the same way and others are more methodical in their approach, writing beginning, middle and end and sometimes not only a synopsis but a breakdown of each and every chapter before they begin. Each to their own is my motto, although I think I would get very bored if I had to write in that way.

Must dash...have to find another little bit of paper... :)

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A real honour!

I have had a special invitation extended to me...I have been asked to conduct a book signing at the Women of Year Luncheon and Awards Ceremony, at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel.

I am so thrilled and honoured to have been chosen, not least because I never put myself forward for this but was asked to be present.

Women from all over Britain will be attending and the A list status of the speakers alone, is enough to make your throat clench in excitement and anticipation!

And then there will be little 'ol me doing a book signing!

I'm sure the female readers amongst you can imagine what is going through my head, from what to wear to how many books to bring along. And this is on top of the sci-fi book signing I am attending next week!

It is brought a realisation to me however. We all have a tendency to think that what is currently going on in our lives is plain to see but the truth is so much deeper. Each of us is involved and intertwined  in infinitesimal ways with numerous other lives. So much so that we only ever see the very tip of the iceberg and that often just before we impact it.

I have learned that there is much going on behind the scenes that involves me but that I have yet to hear about and I believe that is a universal truth for all of us.

So if there is one thing that comes from all of this, it is that you don't know what lies ahead.

Just keep the faith. x

A little bit of The Owners.

Working hard on The Owners Volume VI :Blood Sky.

Here is another little bit.

Nothing is right about this situation, Eli thought. Nothing is just. And whatever happens from this day forward, nothing will ever be completely right again. It would have been easy to have dismissed such thoughts as after effects of what had so recently happened with Sam and the indelibly printed images which sprung so readily to his mind now. But the knowledge burned in his heart. Some things once done could never be undone.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A little bit of Sci-Fi does you good.

If you still have not got a signed copy of my books, you will be able to get one at the Andromeda One Sci-Fi convention in Birmingham on Sat 21st September! I'll be looking out for you :)

There will be lots to see and do so don't miss out. Book your ticket now!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Time gentlemen please!

I Started writing at half seven this morning. [It is now 2:30 pm] Finished one chapter of book 6. Spell checked the entire book 5, wrote a blog, answered emails and now going to walk the dogs. That's enough for one day don't you think?

And here is my daily horoscope :-

Not everything has to happen in a hurry. Not every need is urgent, not every promise is pressing. Sometimes we worry far too much about deadlines. We put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. Unless you now have cast iron proof that something won't wait, let it wait! Indeed, even if it won't wait, you may care to ask yourself how much it will matter if it is left unattended. Of the various priorities that need to be identified and honoured, the highest is surely your need to maintain a sense of perspective. Courtesy of Johnathon Cainer.

I guess I should have read that first!!!! ;)

Chapter I almost done!!!

The Owners, Volume VI

Another little bit :-

He needed to gather his thoughts. And he needed to put time and distance between where they were now and where they had been. The temptation to turn back and deal with the situation was just too great. And so was the probability of failure. He had to hold fast to that.

First chapter of book 6!

The Owners, Volume VI : Blood Sky

Here is a little snippet of the brand new Chapter I

Perhaps he would never be the same again. Perhaps when he told his brother Noah and Dan and Aaron what he had seen and now knew to be true, none of them would ever be the same again.

He stumbled over the ground, eager to be back within the safe confines of his home, back in the bosom of his family. But he knew that even then this sickness in his soul would not be purged. Nor could he actually ever let it be. He had to hold fast to it, hold firm. He owed it to those poor, poor souls.


Ah you there, didn't I? You thought that just because I had started a new book, that I wouldn't also be moving on to Volume VI of the Owners.

Do you really think I have a choice? These characters bang around in my head, demanding a voice. There is only so long they can be ignored...

So don't worry I will keep you up to date on the saga.

Happy reading!