Wednesday 16 September 2015

A Little Bit...

Here is a little bit from book I am currently working on. Such a hard chapter to write...such huge emotions...

“Sometimes towards the end,” she hesitated, “he was almost like a baby. I had to change him in the middle of the night. Either he was drenched in a sulphurous sweat or he had wet himself in his delirium…it wouldn’t have been right to involve his sister when he was like that,” she ended sadly.
“I wasn’t just his sister, I was his twin Fran,” Alison reminded her, as if she might have forgotten.
“Yes I know. And that was why he made me promise not to let you see him like that…” Just how many revelations were going to come out this fateful night, Fran wondered.

I have a splitting headache from the tension of writing this chapter and my heart is broken.