Friday, 1 May 2015

Just a little reminder.

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Happy Reading!
Today I am writing. And as usual when I am writing, I am eating chocolate. But this time it's not just any old chocolate, it's a very special chocolate that came from the wonderful MacDonald Burlington Hotel, which I attended for an event last night [more to follow later].

So here is a little peak at what I have just written :-

It seemed to take a long time before they got to the edge of the trees and with every step his heart thudded harder in his chest, obscenely loud in the quiet night.

They entered the dense undergrowth which grew below the soaring trees, full of trepidation and without a real plan, bunching close together, wary of ambush.

The forest seemed unnaturally quiet. No owls hooted or birds cooed. The only sounds were the brittle cracks of unseen twigs which littered the forest floor.

The almost preternatural silence was deafening. A solid wall of muteness seemed to surround them, so that the only noises were the ones they made themselves.

Taylor wished with all his heart that he had somehow made Matilda stay behind, that he had managed to convince her that the risk of their people losing her was too great… But to Matilda’s ears they would merely have been words and words could be no substitute for action.
These characters are heading for trouble and Matilda is destined to be in the thick of it. Why won't that woman ever listen? Now who is it she reminds me of...
Happy Reading!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Summer is coming and with it, a list of chores that I have to undertake. But these are rather big chores. One of them is to knock a wall down, another is to fell several enormous trees, so they won't really be jobs I will personally be doing, yet my fingers are twitching to get started.

And I am excited. I am even more excited when I think about the novel I am currently writing. The Owners, Volume VII: Hunter's Moon, is where the story begins to turn towards the situation of Volume I, where suddenly you will see how the series is going full circle.

In all of my books I have created strong female and male characters and I hope they have made compulsive reading. But perhaps it is in this book that I have written the most complex female.

Matilda is a strong woman but her strength has been born of necessity. Sometimes she reminds me a little of Sophia from volume I but she has none of Sophia's tolerance and willingness to listen to others. Instead Matilda is hot-headed and unbending in her views. And she is set on a course that will destroy lives.

The worst thing about it is that she doesn't see what she is doing, she doesn't 'get' her mistakes. She is so busy falling over herself to put things right that she is doing exactly the opposite. We all know people like that. Fortunately those people seldom find themselves in the unenviable position that Matilda finds herself in.

I wish I could prevent the carnage and chaos that Matilda is about to wreak but I guess it wouldn't be much fun for you if I did!

Until then, happy reading!