Saturday, 2 August 2014

I continue to be surprised by the content and the characters in The Owners books. Even though it is I myself who writes them, there are elements of surprise in every twist and turn.

Do you remember me telling you about one of the characters who I had only just realised was a dangerously bad man? Well it turned out today that he met his match in a character who up until now was not a main player but rather a supporting one. Seems she was just biding her time, I guess.

And that's one of the things I love most about this series - every volume picks out the people it needs to tell that part of the story, so that in effect, we get to meet all of the characters at different stages in their lives.

I guess it is a bit like looking at our own lives, slicing out little periods discrete in time and examining who was important in our lives then and why. If like me, you have changed jobs several times, moved home, been married and divorced, you will see that your world was inhabited not with one set of friends or family but a multitude of different ones who all played their own parts.

If like many of my friends, you are fortunate enough to have been in a long-term stable relationship, perhaps you will be able to see how the dynamics of this has changed over time...

'Cos that's life - there is always change, even if you can't see it clearly at the time.

Happy Reading!

Like a black Jesus, Denzel appeared to be waiting to welcome his lambs back into the fold; to be offering redemption.
But deliverance from sin was not an option, nor was it Denzel’s to offer.

Taken from The Owners Volume VI: Blood Sky.

This is the volume where everything turns and twists around once more, where what you thought was happening is not what actually happens...

Humans are complex characters and that is something I have tried very hard to get across in my books. Sometimes you think you know the very soul of a person, only to be proved wrong at the worst possible time.

My poor characters are finding that truth out...I hope that they have the strength of character to endure what will come to pass.

Happy reading. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Breast issues!

Apparently if a woman wears a bra for 12 hours or more her chances of developing breast cancer are greatly increased.

The reason for this is that the lymph nodes in the breast require natural body movement to allow them to be emptied of their accumulated toxic waste. Bras however are designed to keep breast movement to a minimum, thus hampering the effective drainage of the lymph nodes and leading to a build up.

A doctor in Florida [Dr. Gregory Heigh] has reputedly  observed up to a 90% reversal of fibrocystic breast disorders in women who have sought to reduce the time they are restricted in bras or resolved not to wear them at all.

But what does this mean for the average lady, because lets be honest and upfront about our breasts [pardon the pun]. We are not going to let it all hang out like an advert for life au natural in the Tropical Rainforest, are we?

In this day and age where young girls are having implants in their bottoms and eyebrows tattooed to their faces, we are not going to easily see a return to simpler, less restrictive undergarments. If anything, the trend is going the other way with bras becoming more rigid and far less natural.

But I forgot... are we not the same species who managed to create skyscrapers such as the [now gone] Twin Towers, the Tower of Pisa [if somewhat leaning] and majestic structures such as Golden Gate Bridge?

Can we really create suspension bridges to carry cars over  wide-bodies of rivers, yet still not find a way to safely support two sacs of flesh on the female body? Really? I doubt that very much indeed!

Or is it that a solution already exists but it is one which is too unattractive to appeal to most men and not lucrative enough for greedy bra manufacturers, who would rather churn out nylon tat with a smattering of lace than finer, more malleable garments manufactured in more natural materials?

So girls my message is this - don't burn your bra, just demand a more natural one! And then in the words stolen from Star Trek, hopefully you really will 'live long and prosper'.

Happy Reading!
Unfortunately I have been having a bit of a 'blond' moment...

For a few weeks I have been having trouble logging into this blog to post new information and articles and I genuinely thought that the root of the problem lay with whoever actually runs Blogger.

Then the night before last, having tried to log in all day, I pulled the blog up on my old laptop and was able to immediately access it. The problem did not lie with Blogger at all! The reality which hit me like a sledgehammer was that the browser installed on my new laptop will not allow access to Blogger.

So now I just have to figure out 2 things:- 

1. what is the actual browser AND
2. how do I change it?

Luckily I am now more white than blond, so hopefully the above will not prove too taxing for my brain! ;)

Happy Reading.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I hope you like the new look to my blog...I have spent ages creating several different pages and loading things onto them. Please take a moment to check them out!

What I haven't yet done is create an EVENTS page to list where you will see me popping up for author talks and book signings, so I guess my work is not yet done!

In the meantime I will tell you this - I have lots of events planned over the next six months but still have room for a couple more, so if you are a book club organiser, school teacher or librarian, feel free to message me on for further details.

Until my next post...

Happy Reading!
As you know, the summer holidays are upon us. For that reason I am spending quite a lot of my time giving interviews as well as interviewing other authors or interesting people I have met along the way.

Coming soon will be interviews with Mary and Lynne of The Boutique Bakehouse, cake makers and decorators extraordinaire, who were commissioned to bake a cake for members of the Royal Family as well as a lovely gentleman who runs a hedgehog rescue centre.

Perhaps you may think my choice of interview subjects is rather eclectic and to some extent you would be right. But I view life as a rich tapestry and the threads that are woven there are bound by the experiences we have and the people we come into contact with as much as they are by ourselves.

Anyway enough of my philosophising...

Happy Reading! 
Click on this link to see the interview I have given about my writing and books.

It may also help you to find other authors you would enjoy reading.

New interview!

Look out for my new interview with John-James of New Salsa-Salsa. You can find it by simply scrolling down this page to where it reads PAGES on the left hand side column. Click on INTERVIEWS.