Wednesday 17 July 2013

Vital Statistics!

Here are my vital statistics :-

are you ready? Close your eyes until you think you can't handle it anymore, take a deep breath and open they are...

United Kingdom 324
Russia 133

United States 72

Ukraine 19

Netherlands 16

Japan 14

Germany 6

Italy 3

Philippines 2

Azerbaijan   2                                                                                  

Now I bet that wasn't quite what you were  thinking of...
These are my blog statistics and they do make for curious analysis. Russia consistently overtakes the US in reading my blog and sometimes even overtakes the UK...go figure.
Anyway I might be a little quiet on the blog front for a few days and indeed quiet generally, as I am about to have my tonsils taken out.
I am rather worried about this, largely due to my friend who keeps telling me that the pain is excruciating...and the fact that it will prevent me talking, singing, laughing and eating properly for a while...all the things I LOVE to do!!!

But hopefully I will still be well enough to write the odd post or two here.

As mentioned in yesterday's blog, I recently had my royalty figures come in and it was heartening to see that whilst sales of copies of volume I are still on the rise, sales of volumes II and III have also increased, indicating that I am achieving longer term readership within some quarters.

Now I have said this before but it bears saying again - please, please post a review on Amazon or wherever you bought your copy from. Even if it is a single line, it will help me, I promise!

And remember, books IV and V are almost ready to be published with the remaining five books in the series awaiting my attention. In addition to that, I have a few other novels in the pipeline, some sci-fi and some more of a cross-over between genres.

I'm not saying any more than that right will have to bide your time ;)

Anyway, once again, if you are one of my loyal readers, then many thanks. If not, then that is a question you need to be asking of yourself, because quite frankly you are depriving yourself of a really good experience ... :)

Wish me luck in waving my tonsils goodbye...adieu for now.

Carmen. x

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