Friday 19 July 2013

Bye bye tonsils!

Yesterday I had my tonsils removed.

It was a traumatic experience both for me and the tonsils, which have been a part of me for the last 46 years. It was also exceptionally painful [although not as painful as giving birth...nothing is THAT uniquely painful, in my experience].

But worse than the pain, is the feeling of having something the size of a football lodged in the very back of your throat and so much swelling that you cannot lie down, because if you do, your airway is effectively blocked by the swelling ...and not to put too fine a point on it, you think you will die and yes you probably will! Therefore I spent last night sitting erect in bed, trying and failing to sleep.

Using a small torch [and because I am such a control freak that I just HAVE TO SEE IT], I looked at the back of my throat. It is yellow with a scorched tinge to it and looks nothing like the pink healthy flesh it used to resemble.

My voice is also changed and I could be a good stand in for the freaky Phantom of the Opera in terms of modulation of sound although the volume thing would completely defeat me, as I can only talk in whispers now.

However the very fact that I am well enough to write this blog amazes fact only an hour ago I was thinking that I was losing the will to live, as the paracetamol and anti-inflamatories failed to kick in and sooth the pain...and then I thought of having a gin and coke.

NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG, I am not advocating the use of alcohol in conjunction with tablets but OMG I suddenly feel so much where did I put those dancing shoes...?

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