Saturday 8 May 2021

The Grand Plan

Today I'm editing yet another book before I publish it. It's called In The Darkness Between Worlds and I'm enjoying reading through it after having written it about two years ago and not touched it since, as I've been too busy. 

Deciding to take my books back from publishers and to republish them myself has been a real roller-coaster. I've learned a lot, mostly how NOT to try to manipulate certain websites and software. But that's a different story. 

You may know that I'm compelled to write by the stories that bubble out of me, and that I write books as well as for film and TV. But what you probably don't know is my Grand Plan. 

And I have capitalised Grand Plan for a very good reason. It is the thing which has driven me since I was a child - a burning desire to help animals in need. I want to use my sales to be able to fund charities and change the world for the better. It's my deepest desire. 

I'm not interested in material possessions. I never have been. And if you've ever seen me driving around in my old battered car, you'll know the truth of that. For me, riches come in the form of a satisfied soul. So I'm using my profits to fund rescues and to alleviate pain and suffering in animals. 

So why am I making a song and dance of this? Not for adulation or any reason other than to point something out. I'm not asking anything of you. I'm not asking you to send money or take action. 

BUT if you are a reader and you were intending to buy a new book, please consider one of  mine. 

You'll get a great book and I'll be another step closer to helping another animal in need. So we'll both benefit. 

Happy reading! x


  1. I don’t have any negative comments I would just suggest you change the color hair from the dark gray and orange to make it easily readable. I have 2020 vision in 2025 and I found it difficult because of the colors

  2. How do I purchase this book? Love what you are doing!

    1. Hi Beth, thank you. You can either enter my name into a search engine and find a bookstore which lists my books that way, search directly on your country's Amazon site or if you are in the UK, click the link at the top right of the page where it says buy my books. That will take you to Amazon UK.

      Thanks again, Carmen.

  3. Hi Diggy and Tinker thank you for you suggestion, I will certainly look into it. All I know is that it involves changing the way the blog is set up - so might take some doing.

    I'll keep you posted.