Wednesday 11 October 2017

A Truly Unique Venue

What do you think of when you consider an event space? A large bland room? Perhaps an area with a stage? Certainly somewhere that can comfortably hold the amount of people you intend to invite.

I had these ideas and more in mind, when I attended a showcase evening last week. Set within the building which now houses The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, as well as Birmingham Library, the variety of rooms and areas for hire were more than I had anticipated.

And not one for hiding their light under a bushel, Unique Venues Birmingham had gone all out to show the rooms off at their very best.

After cocktails served in glass baubles upon our arrival, we were ushered from one room to another, each one decorated in a different theme. There was Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frost, Dorothy and the Lion from The Wizard Of Oz, [a personal favourite of mine] and The Queen of Hearts, each in their own unique setting. And I actually began to wonder how it would end. What could they have planned for the ultimate room, the final showstopper?

The Shakespeare Room.

It was everything I could have expected and more - stunning architecture, walls lined with wooden bookshelves which seemed to groan under the weight of hefty tomes and a table laid out for a king.

I for one would be more than happy to hold an event in such an illustrious place.

So maybe one day, when those shelves are filled with books bearing my name, you will find me holding court in that gorgeous room...

Until then, happy reading.


  1. Wow! I had no idea these rooms existed, they look wonderful. I think I'd love The Wizard of Oz's room the most as well, what an amazing idea x


  2. Yeah I completely agree that it is a unique venue. I would love to see some more photos of this spot. I am planning to host a Halloween themed dinner for my family so if you know about such suitable Los Angeles venues, please let me know.