Tuesday 16 July 2013

Prometheus viewed finally!

Prometheus viewed finally!

I has taken me a while to see this film and I was very excited about finally getting to watch it last night.

Having viewed the trailers on tv and the general hype for a while, I was expecting fantastic special effects and sets that looked both realistic and eerie and that was exactly what I got.

Now I am not qualified to write a film review, nor would I be particularly interested in couching my words in pseudo-psychological or technical terms; neither of these interest me, nor do they lend themselves to easy reading. All I intend to do here therefore, is give you a little insight into my opinion on the matter.

I like sci-fi [that's clearly a given, taken the fact that so far I have composed 5 books in that genre]  and although I do not write space operas, I do like to read and watch them. But having now seen this film, which is in effect a prelude to Alien, I am a tad underwhelmed by the formulaic progression of the storyline.

In all of the films, we have a rogue android, mass explosions of the aliens from human hosts and without wishing to compromise the ending for those who have not seen it [look away now, if that is the case], a sole female survivor... with of course a sole alien survivor just waiting in the wings for another crack of the whip.

That said, I did thoroughly enjoy the film; the sets and SFX were fantastical and eye-wateringly realistic at one and the same time and the acting was good and more importantly believable.

I rooted for the heroine, jumped with fear and shock when I was supposed to, I felt her loss and her pain and was heartened by her unique courage.

All good...forgive me then that I wanted the storyline to be a little more unique and little more soulful and insightful into where it blundered towards ideas of creation and the meaning  of was after all, just a film. Made to be enjoyed and not to encourage philosophical ponderings.

But perhaps that's the author in me...

So I will leave you with one final thought...why is it that as a species we hanker after this idea of creation? Why do we want so fervently to discover who or what made us? Is it because we have done such a good job of looking after the planet and each other?

I think not....must be for some other reason then, I guess.

Maybe we all should try to fix what we have in front of us before looking to the stars for answers, because then and only then, might we actually have something to be proud about, if we really did meet our makers. 

[P.S. This view is entirely my own and does not subscribe to any formal religious or non-religious doctrines  ;)  ]

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