Friday 19 July 2013

Tonsil update.

Well it is now 9:50 pm and I'm afraid the self-medicational glass of gin and coke has now worn well-and-truly off!

My body is suffused with pain which I find difficult to comprehend as I only had my tonsils operated on but I feel as if an Olympic pole vaulter has used me as a landing pad over an extended period of time.

Every part of me aches and my throat seems to be peeling the flesh off itself much like a bad paint job, on a damp wall, on a hot day...the skin is bubbling and sloughing off.

I can't cough and I can't blow my nose. If I even try, the air seems to get caught somewhere up in the swollen regions of my throat and just pushes itself noisily out, accomplishing nothing.

I am utterly miserable ...but dear readers I can take some comfort in knowing you have had a laugh at my unfortunate situation.

I hope that I will be better both in body and mind when next I blog.

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