Saturday 11 June 2016

Today's chapter

Here is a little bit from my latest book:-

The grass is long and coarse, with little bits of flower or seed at the top, which blow majestically in the gentle breeze. I run one finger and thumb up the length of the stalk, feeling its texture, realising that I have never experienced anything like it. Nothing here is old to me, all is fresh and beautiful and even though I am compelled urgently forward, I recognise that there is much here to fill the heart with wonder and joy.

The land is more undulating than before and I can’t tell what lies beyond a half day’s walk from here. Perhaps only more of the same, perhaps something different.  Time and distance will tell.

I know exactly how this character feels, for I too am in familiar yet unfamiliar territory at this moment. None of us know what lies ahead and regardless of our hopes and dreams, what we find, might not be what we were expecting.  
I hope your journey is a satisfying one. I'll keep my fingers crossed for us all. x

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