Monday 13 June 2016

Bare faced cheek

And now for a subject which fascinates me - to be made up, or not to be made up?

Most days I don't wear make up. I really should, as I am about to be 50. But until now, I have been fortunate enough not to really need the stuff unless I have had an exceptionally late night the previous evening. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that my appearance wouldn't have been improved without the odd bit of 'slap' but that rather I didn't feel the absolute necessity to use it.

However as a society we are obsessed with the idea of celebs going make-up free. And I have to ask why. Generally speaking, whilst I wouldn't dream of attending something or having a night out minus make-up, I don't see the need to plaster myself in it, just to buy dog food or walk the dogs.

There are whole webpages dedicated to showing celebs minus make-up, either in a positive or negative light. Quite frankly, if the said celebrities are under the age of forty, they should look good with or without makeup. Youth = youthful skin, and believe me, no amount of expensive creams or serums can give you back elasticity when it's gone.

So why are we so fascinated with these images? I think because it's a chance to see the 'real' person beneath the paint, so if that's your thing then go on, knock yourself out.

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