Wednesday 8 June 2016

Am I mad or is it the rest of the world?

I have been watching a leading supermarket chain's television advertisement with growing horror. I can't mention the store on here but it's the one where two very familiar and well -known actors [think Gavin and Stacey] take an item of fresh food back to the shop and swap it for another item instead.

So far so good you think. So why the horror? Well there is a line of writing which runs underneath the action of the scene which states that all food purchases must be returned within date. Now there is only one reason for this request, and it is clearly due to the chain's intention to resell the food.

Whilst I hate waste, this is more than dangerous. Imagine if you will that I am  a religious fanatic of the sort who is increasingly infiltrating society. I inject a fruit or piece of chicken with poison and take it back to the store where they will resell it to some poor unsuspecting person...

A bit far fetched? The poison and needle marks are too easily detected by the naked eye? Ok then try this one. I buy butter, milk, frozen foods or raw meats, leave them in my car for a few hours whilst I drive somewhere else, get petrol and pick up a prescription. I then remember I already have some of these foods at home and that I have duplicated my shopping by mistake.

Do you want to be the one to buy what was once my butter which was left sitting in my car for hours, whilst my dogs excitedly sniffed the wrapper? Thought not!

So you see it is a terrible concept. Take back those mistaken purchases of shoes, bags and clothes by all means. But food? Well I'm afraid if you bought it, you should be stuck with it!

But that of course is just my opinion.

Happy Reading!

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