Tuesday 7 June 2016

Hot off the page

Here is a little snippet I have just written. It's where Tudie learns how very different things are set to become...

“Oh Tudie!” his mother holds her arms open to me and I let myself be enfolded into her embrace. “Have you heard?” she asks, although from my entrance and the look which is surely on my face, the answer must be obvious.

I nod, for a moment unable to speak.

All three of them resume a quiet mewling. For a few moments I join them unashamedly. Their pain echoes and amplifies mine. With no family of my own they are all I have in the world – them and Grey, and it is he who ties me so firmly to them.
Luckily Tudie is a strong character. She is going to need every last bit of that strength!

Happy Reading! x

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