Thursday 16 May 2013

Pigeon Pie!

I forgot to tell you how the pigeon was getting on. This is the wood pigeon that my daughter and I rescued from her school playground, after it had been attacked by a cat or a fox [or maybe a small ferocious child -I've seen the kids at that school!!!]

Anyway, the pigeon had lost a lot of blood and feathers and its one wing tip was torn off. It also had wounds around its neck and on its chest but with a lot of love and attention, these have healed and its flight feathers are finally growing back now.

Sophia insisted on calling it Fluffy - the most ridiculous name for a pigeon, I know but that's kids for you. It started off its recovery in our conservatory but as the days have warmed up, it has been moved out of there, lest it end up as a rather unfortunate pigeon pie...

I let it out when I have to clean its cage and it walks around having a look at everything, then when I am ready, it hops back in as if the cage is the best home its ever known and maybe indeed it is!

The dogs don't bother about it and it has learned to ignore them too so at least that's a blessing!

But in about three weeks I think it will be ready to be returned to the wild. I have spoken to the school and they are happy to have the children in the playground whilst we release it and it flies off to wherever pigeons fly off to.

Perhaps if it is true about karma then it will make up for the time I had to pluck what remained of a pigeon out of the radiator grill of a car I was in...remember peeps - what goes around comes around...

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