Thursday 26 June 2014

Today I am frantically working on The Boy Who Rescues Pigeons [this is only its working title] and thought you might like a little snippet.

Here is the very latest bit:-

Anna didn’t respond with words. Instead she reached out and laid her hand on his arm. “She was an old lady Lucas. She had her time. And it’s far less a tragedy that she died than if you had.”

Lucas was shocked. “How can you say that mum? She was your mother?”

Anna nodded, not halting or slowing her stride in any way. “Because it’s nature. Because the old should always precede the young, because no mother wants to outlive her own child …and believe me your gran would have been the first to agree with that sentiment!”

In some ways this is quite a difficult story to write. My own grandmother, the late Margaret Saez has been used as a template for the feisty Valerie and whilst it is always nice to reminisce, it brings its own sorrows. I hope I do justice to her character.

Happy reading!

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