Thursday 26 June 2014

My poor character Lucas has a dilemma.

He took a long time folding his own clothes and putting the new ones on. Normally he would have just abandoned his clothes to the changing room floor but today was different. Today everything was different and he needed the time and solitude to try to work out in his head what he should do.

I know exactly how he feels! There are only a few weeks until the summer hols and I have so much to think about and do. Well to be perfectly honest if I spent less time thinking about it I would probably have more time to actually do it!

Anyway look out for the list of my book signings/author talks which I will be posting soon and also for my list of personal recommendations which I am currently working on.

I hope to also have some interviews to post soon - busy, busy, busy!

Until then - Happy reading! :)

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