Sunday 22 June 2014

Last night I watched The Hunger Games and absolutely loved every moment of it. Although the story was vastly different from my own books, there were parallels with The Owners, Volume I which could not be ignored.

In fact a strange thing happened. During the break for the adverts, an extensive clip of the new Planet of The Apes film, Dawn of the Apes, was shown and I made a startling discovery.

The Owners is almost where Planet of the Apes meets the Hunger Games... I really wish I could explain this more to you but if I did I would ruin the plot so I guess you had better get reading it for yourself!

The weather is gorgeous today. Leave the household chores, they will still be there tomorrow when the sky is grey and filled with rain.

Let today have its moment of glory. Sit in the garden with a good book [preferably one of mine of course!] a glass of what you enjoy and relax! You only live once and time is fleeting.

Happy reading!

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