Tuesday 2 January 2018

A whole new year to fill up with good fortune and sheer determination!

Being born in Scotland, I have a real 'thing' for New Year that, quite frankly I don't feel for Christmas.

Sure, Christmas has the tinsel, the trees, the presents, the 'goodwill to all mankind', but New Year has the glamour, the excitement, the sheer 'ride the future by the seat of your pants' appeal, that Christmas can never have.

So imagine my excitement to find this newest review on Amazon today:-

"5 Stars : Brilliant and Brutal Coming-Of-Age Story

Split Decision, essentially a coming-of-age novel, is both brilliant and brutal – brilliant in its execution and brutal in the sensitive subject matter it explores. The decision Natalie makes impacts on many and she is not the same person at the end of the story as she is at the beginning… It is the second book that I have read by the author Carmen Capuano, the first being Ascension, a dystopian thriller. Although the subject matter is completely different, I found the story just as engaging and thought- provoking.

The plot begins in a shoe shop where best friends, teenagers Natalie and Stacey are shopping. The new pair of shoes which Natalie purchases – in a style which is way out of character for the sensible teenager, can be viewed as a metaphor for both her step into adulthood and what subsequently occurs. Natalie is soon called upon to make a split second choice and her decision heralds a chain of unexpected and shocking events.

The author does an excellent job of depicting the trials and tribulations of the teenage years and how they effect existing and new relationships: a time of burgeoning sexuality, when we strive to forge our own identity, sometimes putting us in conflict with our families who find it difficult to come to terms with their offspring entering adulthood. The balance between protecting their children whilst allowing them the freedom to grow is often a difficult one and I felt that the author touched on this in a sensitive fashion. I certainly identified with Stacey and Natalie from memories of my own teenage years and recognised how easily events could take the path they did.

The characters, the young people and the adults, were all very believable and the author is to be congratulated on using the events to illustrate their personal growth and changing family dynamics. The plot is cleverly and expertly written and certainly had me guessing and questioning my own preconceptions and prejudices."

Tina Williams - FB A Reader's Review.

Thanks to all my readers who have chosen to buy my books either for themselves or as presents for others - you have made my year. xxx

And for 2018 - Happy Reading!

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