Monday 4 July 2016

Calling All Black Country Bibliophiles!

On Friday I will be live with the wonderful Fizzogs, on Black Country Radio, 102.5fm. We will be  talking about my published books and my forthcoming release, Ascension, due out early next year.

Acerbically witty and wickedly talented, these ladies have become a world-wide hit and have productions to their credits as diverse as Freezin'  [a comedic take on the animated film Frozen], Fifty Shades of Fizzog, Kippin Beauty [ Black Country  colloquialism for sleeping],  as well as their hilarious routine as the Dancing Grannies.

It was as these alter egos that I first encountered them. Loud cardigans pulled over cavernous, drooping chests, they were a sight to behold. When they danced, the whole room became still and focused. Not a single glance was stolen away from their performance, and the applause was raptutrous.

So what will they make of me and my books? Of all the interviews and talks I have given, they are probably the most likely not to bat an eyelid when I tell them that in my dystopian science fiction series, humans are kept as pets by other, larger, feathered creatures called Eyons.

And I am sure that they will love the premise of Split Decision, where the main characher has a life-changing decision to make, even if she doesn't know it at the time.

But of Ascension, dark and brooding and beautifully dystopian - what might they make of that?

Well if you are keen to find out, join me at 9.10 on Friday, live on the radio. I'm so excited!

Until then, as ever, happy reading!

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