Thursday 23 June 2016


For the past academic year, my daughter has been perfecting her role as a lioness in a school production of The Lion King, so obviously I bought a ticket for one of the performances of the show this week.

Now it may surprise you to know this, but underneath this hard, Glaswegian exterior, is a heart that's as soft as a marshmallow. I kid you not! In fact I couldn't watch the animation of this film when my children were little, without dissolving into a puddle of tears. Not just the first time, but every time!

Likewise, I don't watch King Kong, because it breaks my heart, and if I ever watch a sentimental movie, I am a blubbering mess for days after. But this was a school production of a tale set in Africa and where all the characters were animals... how were a group of kids going to pull this off in any moderately interesting way?

I imagined lots of pretend animal noises and cardboard masks, coloured-in by the kids themselves.
Not so!

What these middle school children pulled off was such a refined performance, that I was thoroughly entranced. All of the major parts had been given to budding actors and actresses who quite frankly, acted and sang their socks off.

But the one person who made it for me, was the young girl who played 'Scar'. Her performance was so riveting, so filled with elements of light and shade, that she came across both as a dynamic and seasoned performer.

This show had everything it should have had, humour, wit, great costumes and interesting dialogue. And it was put across with real heart and soul. The costumes were well thought out and designed, and the music sung with gusto and just the right amount of poignancy.

So there's nothing more for me to add, other than:- Kids you were fantastic and I loved every minute!

And whenever you have another production, rest assured, I'll be there!

Until then, happy reading!

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