Wednesday 7 October 2015

It's raining outside. Cold, wet raindrops keep bashing themselves against my window as if demanding to be let in.

The weather is no reflection on how I feel, however it does seem to be raining in sympathy with the problems of my main characters, in my newest, unfolding novel.

Fran is discovering there is a lot more going on around her than she had thought possible. Just how much is one woman supposed to take before she breaks, I wonder?

Here in this excerpt that I have just written, she finds out another unpalatable truth...

Danni was silent but her eyes betrayed a determination Fran was sure wouldn’t be shaken. How do I get through to her? “Look I know that you will want to see him, but as your mother I need to know where you are and who you are with.” She tilted the girl's chin so that their eyes were level. “Do you understand that?”

Some of the fire left the girl’s face but the unrelenting sorrow and hurt which replaced it, was no easier for Fran to see. “What if we agreed when would be suitable for you to see him?”

Danni blinked slowly and when her eyes reopened they seemed somehow different to Fran, as if a sly intelligence lurked there.

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