Thursday 5 March 2015

Saving Grace

Sadly I am coming towards the end of Saving Grace. She has been a lovely character to write about - a little girl with profound problems and a deep heart.

The book was written for 10-12 year olds but like all my other works, I think adults will enjoy the honesty in it as much as children will.

Here is a little snippet from today's writing:-

It was lovely to see Millie again and Grace was thrilled when the camel seemed to recognise her, leaving her feed bag and coming over to nuzzle her big head into Grace’s shoulder.

“I missed you, lovely girl,” Grace told her, “but I’m so pleased you are happy and looked after.” She kissed the camel on its long nose. “And you should be proud of your daughter – Sirrie is just as sweet as you are Millie.”

Although Grace couldn’t be sure, she thought that Millie looked proud at the mention of her calf. She turned her head towards Sirrie and snorted loudly.

Grace laughed. “Yes Millie, I agree, you did a good job there.” She swallowed a lump in her throat and said the words that were so painful to utter. “I might not see you again. You, or Sirrie.” She tried to smile but couldn’t. “I will miss you all dreadfully, but if I stay I will miss the people I love in my own world.” She wiped at her eyes.

“And coming backwards and forwards between the two places is hurtful – too much time is skipped over…” she hesitated to explain the truth that there was a possibility that if she came back again it would be several Santerra years from now and perhaps by then there would be no Benito or Millie or…

“I have to get back to my own world. And I have to stay there because that is where I belong. But my heart will always love you.” She plonked another kiss on the camel and was only half surprised when a large tear plopped onto her shoulder. Millie was crying. Silently Grace buried her face in the camel’s warm neck and let her tears fall.
Happy Reading!

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