Thursday 5 March 2015

Author's note

I have just typed THE END, having finished the story Saving Grace.

As an author, every book I write matters to me, every story and every character resonates in some way, to a greater or lesser extent. But this particular story will also strike a chord with many of you, due to the fact that it is about a child's perception of her parent's failing marriage. 

Having been a step-child myself, I know how hard it can be. And also how wonderful. So I included a final word. Here it is :-

Author’s note.

This story is dedicated to my [step] father who raised me from the age of seven and treated me as if I were his own child.

Saving Grace was written for all you boys and girls who find that sometimes real life is hard and hurtful. It has been written with love and with hope. In many ways it has been written for the adults in your lives, as much as it has been for you.

The job of a step-parent is a tough one and has been vilified in many stories. But for every evil Queen in Snow-white, there are a hundred good men and women, doing a great job of parenting kids that aren’t their own. Likewise for every ‘wicked’ step-child who deliberately scuppers his/her parent’s new relationship, there are a thousand others who accept and value the new adult in their life.

I hope this book goes at least a little way towards helping children and adults find a sure footing in difficult times and situations.

Carmen Capuano.

Saving Grace will hopefully be available soon. Until then ...

Happy Reading!

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