Monday 27 October 2014

What have I been up to? Funny you should ask that...

On Saturday I had a lovely night with fellow author and Bromsgrovian, the glamorous and very gorgeous Cat Weatherill. We consumed a bottle of wine and put all of mankind to rights [we didn't include womenkind as we think they are generally ok ;)] It's always a pleasure to catch up with this vibrant woman.

If you haven't yet read my interview with her, why not take a look now.

Last night I went Blues dancing. Yes you read that right...blues. As you know my latest book centres around my dance experiences [and a few others - ahem!] and I thought I ought to widen my experience.

Prior to arriving, I had thought that it would be simply a slower version of Ceroc and in a way it was. But it was also far more than this, with elements of Argentinian Tango and other Latin influences mixed in.

Unused to dancing so slowly and sensually, I struggled at first. But by the tenth dance or so I literally found my feet. [Yes they were at the ends of my legs - who knew ;) ]

What I mean by that is that I stopped fumbling along the dance floor looking like a zombie on a day out and started to 'feel' the dance. There is a slow beauty to Blues I see now, an elegance not unlike that of ballet, where the moves are so slow as to be almost entrancing...

So shall I go back? Yes I think so! And to the man who stood on my toe - you are forgiven, after all who could have known that my foot would be there, at the end of my leg? ;)

A very Happy Reading to you all.


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