Wednesday 29 October 2014

Oh I have a secret...or maybe even two...and I can't tell...and it's killing me!

Now those of you who know me personally will know how bursting with news I can get and this is such a biggie for me! But at the moment I am sworn to secrecy, so you will just have to wait.

What I can tell you about is the four whole days of decorating I have just done - six hours a day for four days on one staircase. Yes you read that right - ONE staircase! That said, it is an incredibly long staircase with fiddly spindles all the way along and it didn't help that on the very first day I stuck my paintbrush into my giant coffee mug instead of the paint pot!

Still it could have been worse, I could have lifted the paint to my lips and poured it all down myself - I guess if I had done that I wouldn't be needing the Halloween makeup :)

Thanks also to everyone who sent me birthday wishes via Facebook. They were much appreciated.

Happy Halloween Reading x

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