Tuesday 22 April 2014

If there is one out there he will find me...

Did I ever tell you what an attraction I hold for nutters? No? Well I'll let you in on the secret now shall I? Nutters love me. They simply adore me. I swear that to them I have a neon sign above my head, which proclaims in big glowing capital letters "THIS WOMAN WILL LISTEN POLITELY TO ALL YOUR VERBAL RUBBISH!"

Whenever they see me they head straight for me like a heat-seeking missile and I know I am done for. My latest nutter ambush came yesterday as I was minding my own business in the local park. I had sat down on a bench, dogs at my side and was reading the newspaper whilst my children played on the apparatus.

A man appeared from nowhere in front of me and began to fuss my dogs. Now this is not as rare an occurrence as it might seem since I have a Rottweiler [people either love or loathe them] and his initial conversation  did not ignite my fight or flight response. He did not look insane or like he was homeless and nor did he give off any pungent aroma. But he was a nutter alright and one of the most scary types...the ones who appear normal up until they say something so out-there, so extreme, that they made the hair on the nape of your neck stand up in fright.

Apropos of nothing he asked me if I could see a natural cloud in the sky. As yesterday was a lovely day I agreed there were no clouds to be seen, only to be informed that there have been NO natural clouds for the last 150 years and that what looked like clouds were actual poison gasses put there by the six major banks in the world.

I nodded politely whilst trying to look for a means of escape. It was at that point he went on to drone on about all his conspiracy theories and the "proof" behind them [one was that all of our DNA was stored in little vials in the Vatican] and I kept looking for my way out.

You see that is the main problem with these nutters - you can be in  a crowded place when they approach but somehow they single you from the crowd and they have such an insidious manner that you feel threatened and intimidated without them overtly doing anything other than talk. You can be surrounded by people, as in fact I was and no one would even realise there was anything wrong until it was too late.

In fairness he didn't attack me or say anything to make me think that was likely but I fear it is a question of time before his feeling of paranoia brought on by these extreme theories  cause him to attack someone. And that someone will probably never see it coming.

I am all for care in the community but with that comes  a responsibility for the authorities to ensure that medication and recommendations are adhered to. There is enough random killings in the world without us burying our heads on the sand and leaving such people to their own devices.

But perhaps you think I am making too much of this? Well walk a little way in my shoes and the next time someone comes up and tells you that the world is controlled by three key cities and that most of the people you see around you are drones, set in place by a few ruling families to spy on you and keep you in the dark...see how you feel?

Come to mention it though, sounds like a brilliant idea for a sci-fi book...

Happy reading folks!

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