Tuesday 8 April 2014

And now I present the wonderful Mr Hugh Grant.

Today I had to contact Hugh Grant as I have used his name in my newest book. Here is a little snippet for your delectation:-

 “You know who he is? Your father?” Josh asked stupidly, as if he had not been following the conversation. “So who is he?”
Lucas took a huge breath before he let loose this momentous piece of information. “He’s Hugh Grant!”
“What?” Josh snorted as if the idea was preposterous.

“She went to London for a few weekends before I was born. She’s never talked much about them and when I ask she goes quiet, just like she does when I ask about my dad. She loves movies, especially ones with Huge Grant in them.”

Lucas stopped talking long enough to examine himself in the long mirror attached to the wardrobe door. Did he look like Hugh Grant? He had the same dark hair and general build but his face was rounder than the actor’s and had none of his fine bone structure. Then again everyone said he looked quite like his mum so that was no indication one way or another.

“None of that means anything…” Josh began.

Lucas interrupted. Josh was merely jealous because up until now he had had the upper hand since his father was a famous stunt man in Hollywood. But Hugh Grant had topped that. Hugh Grant could top anything. He was the scissors that cut the paper in Scissors, Paper, Rock and the paper that covered the rock in the same game. Hugh Grant was everything. And he was his father!

If he gets back to me and asks to be removed then I will have to do so...until then...

Happy reading.

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