Saturday 7 September 2013

What's in a name?

I am the mistress of disguise. Or at lease that's what I have been telling myself recently as I looked back at a ton of old paperwork in various names.

Perhaps I should explain. I was born Carmen Capuano but changed my name to that of my stepfather's at around the age of ten, becoming Carmen Capuano McCammick.

Some years later I got married and became Carmen Capuano McCammick-Hughes but it was not long before this cumbersome name took its toll and was shortened to Carmen Capuano-Hughes [as I had always kept the Capuano as a middle name, it got somewhat upgraded there.]

Then, when I got divorced, it was back to Carmen Capuano. And it is in this name that I have written my series of books The Owners Volumes I-V [Volumes VI-X are still waiting to be written.]

Now as I start another genre of book, one which is more adult themed, I find that once more I need a name change. The Owners books are carefully written and suitable for even pre-teens to read. Not so this new book. And the moral part of me finds that the new title will not sit well in my head alongside my other titles.

In other words, I would not wish anyone looking up The Owners on Amazon to innocently come upon this other book. And I am not even talking a 50 shades sort of book here. This is a book about adult relationships and one woman's journey through the content will of course at times be risqué.

And my new name? Well that would be telling now wouldn't it? ;)


  1. Cliff Hanger would be a good name. Miss Terri could be another.

  2. Yes they are VERY good names Kevin but I already have an inkling where I am going with this pen name [pun's all happening this morning lol!]

    Not sure yet how I will launch and publicise the book yet though!