Thursday 8 August 2013

Miss Marple after all!

A little mystery has been solved.

I have been wondering why my blog viewing figures often reflected countries where English is not the native spoken language.

In particular, I wondered about Russia as it features prominently on my leader board of viewing statistics. But now the mystery has been solved. Well partly at least.

I have been placed on several internet sites around the globe [or at least my book trailers and books have] and this has led the readers/viewers to my blog.

So to carry the deduction forward [as per Miss Marple style] I can conclude that some kind soul liked my worldly offerings and chose to share them with their countrymen. Now isn't that a kind gesture!

On the negative side of humanity I have this sorry tale to report. A close friend of mine has had their workplace vandalised and robbed. Cash, computers and other equipment were stolen but worse than this, was the sheer pointless vandalising which also took place.

A new car was overturned and left spinning on its roof so that it crashed into everything around it, causing even more devastation and furniture and contents were strewn around, causing much work and mayhem for the people who had to clear it up.

Whilst the obvious result of this is much work to regain even a semblance of order, it is the underlying problems, the unseen issues which have directly arisen from the break-in which may eventually prove more devastating.

To date, four days have been wasted in trying to sort out the workplace as it should be and other work which should have been underway has had to be postponed. Without access to their computer system and its passwords, the staff will not be paid, invoices will not be sent out and bills will stack up.

What will be the inevitable end to this scenario? Another bankrupt company? Dear God, I hope not with all my heart!

And so I write this blog. And you read it. But you, my readers are not the vile and soulless sort of individuals who would perpetrate such a crime. So I ask myself why I am telling you when all you can do is shake your head and empathise.

The reason I am telling you is that sickened to the stomach, I  have to rail against these dregs of humanity. I cannot stand up and say 'oh well, that's life'. Never could, never will.

Because there is a part of me, deep inside, that thinks if ever I did that, if ever I just accepted such despicable behaviour, then I too would be a lesser person for it. I WANT to rage, I WANT to scream and shout, because it is my way of challenging this violation I guess.

So if you see me throwing back my head and baying to the moon, at least you will know why.

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