Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wrong again!

Ok, ok, far be if from me not to admit I was wrong!

I got everyone up this morning, screaming in a hoarse whisper that it was already quarter to eight and that just because it was the last day of term, they should not all be late.

And last day of term or not, it's a busy one. Sophia has her leavers assembly and Ryan has a dental appointment. In between those times a courier had to be booked and four bathrooms were in desperate need of cleaning.

It was only on emerging dripping from the shower and pulling clothes over me, even as I rushed downstairs, that I found all three of my children at the dining room table, enjoying a leisurely breakfast.

"What are you doing? It's quarter to nine!" I whispered, still unable to talk properly due to my tonsillectomy.

"No, mum, it's quarter to eight! You got us all up an hour early!" I was told emphatically and rather irately!!


Never mind, the courier is booked and the bathrooms are all sparkling.... ;)

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