Friday 10 May 2013

Synopsis for Volume IV : A New Epoch

 I wrote this last night. I may still make some changes to it before publication but this is generally how the synopsis for the fourth volume will read.

Holding on tenaciously in an ever changing situation, Seth knows that their battle for survival is far from won. With few true friends around him and many watchful eyes, he knows that one false step will lead to disaster.

None of this concerns John Stark. Consumed with a desire for revenge, which is tempered only by his divinely possessed qualities of benevolence and compassion, he has one aim in life, to hold his flock around him and keep them true.

The ultimate truth is something that Jack Ryan knows all about. It has been his  obsession and his nemesis in the past. His only hope now is that the truth will serve to set them free.

Georgia knows that the truth is not always as palatable as she would wish. Will these people choose the pain of truth or the comfort of lies? For all their sakes she hopes they will make the right decision.

Truth or lie? Truth or lie?

What truths are about to be uncovered and how will it affect this weary band of travellers in the fourth volume of this gripping series?

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