Wednesday 8 May 2013

My holiday in Brean.

Now I did tell you a few weeks ago, that I had just come back from holiday and that I would tell you all about it, so here it is.

Before I start, let me just explain one thing...I am a bit of a nervous home leaver. Not a nervous flyer, or even traveller but an actual person who is nervous of leaving home.

Not that I am agoraphobic - I have no fear of open spaces - it's more that I am terminally nervous of being away from all my belongings. So much so, that once, as a child, I packed my entire Enid Blyton book collection, plus a few other authors' works into the bottom of my poor unsuspecting dad's suitcase. You can imagine his horror upon opening it, to find that he had not in fact packed too many clothes but that the case was instead filled with my books.

Since we had walked the ten minutes journey from the train station to our rental holiday home [with of course him carrying the suitcase as this was prior to wheeled suitcases becoming the norm,] he wasn't best pleased. However, I digress slightly...

Let's suffice it to say, that I am utterly convinced, that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I was a snail in a former life, carrying my home around with me.

I have a tendancy therefore to take everything I could possibly need [and lots of things I couldn't possibly use] with me on my travels. The checklist alone is enough to require the felling of several trees worth of paper! But on reflection, it makes for interesting reading!

So there we were, me, the kids and our two dogs, sandwiched into the car with enough clothing, food, towels and a whole host of other irrelevant stuff, to last the length of at least one world war. [Because of course there would not be a nearby supermarket which would sell any food that I found remotely recognisable, what with this being a different county to the one in which we live - except that there was].

And there would not be anywhere I could purchase a bottle of wine,[other than the on-site shop and any number of other places locally which sold alcohol.]

Nor could there possibly be anywhere that sold chocolate, thus requiring me to take not one, or even two, but three bars of chocolate...

I could go on but I think you get the picture!

Armed as I was with my mountain of food, the kids could have been forgiven for thinking that we were going on a trek to the end of the world! And what did I find when I arrived? A caravan that exactly fitted our requirements, heaters put on ready for our arrival and everything neat and tidy.

Well laid out, the caravan was fitted with everything we could have needed and was a real home from home, so much so,that I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone visiting the area.

In fact, I fully intend to return in the near future. But this time I will be packing less for the journey. Even a snail like me can learn something...

P.S. should you want to contact the owners of the caravan I stayed in, you can call them on  07944445556 and ask for Brian or Tina from Finishing Touches.

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