Friday 23 November 2018

Christmas again? So soon?

I'm almost reeling at the thought of it being the Christmas period again. 

Honestly, I'm beginning to think there is little point in taking down the trees this year, as before I know it, it will be yet another Christmas. 

I honestly don't know where all the time in between last Christmas and this one has gone... Okay so in truth, much of it was spent in front of a computer, writing yet another book or film script (or TV script, or animation, because yes, I have written all of these) these past 12 months, and some was no doubt spent in an alcoholic haze after a hard day... (don't raise your eyebrows, writing is hard work too you know :)) 

But the rest? The minutes, hours, days that make up a whole year? Where have they all gone? 

If you have been following this blog, you will know that it's been a year of change for me. My father and my dog died this year and my eldest went off to university. I signed up with a producer with world-wide distribution, and a director who has won awards and accolades for her work. I have managed a little bit more renovation of my home, and have decided on the best way to progress the rest. 

But most importantly, I have decided to do what makes me happy in life, instead of always trying to please others. 

Now you might think this a selfish thing to do. But actually it isn't. I'm happier, everyone's needs are still being met (they're still all watered, fed and loved) but I'm less stressed and much, much calmer.

This has not been an easy transition for me to achieve - I'm very much a people pleaser and find it difficult to say no, but it was high time I put myself first. 

So if I have one piece of advice for you in the lead-up to Christmas it's this - Be true to yourself. If you can make yourself happy without compromising someone's else's happiness, then do so. 

Trust me, everyone around you will feel the benefit. 

Oh and don't forget, my books make fabulous Christmas presents - there's everything from romantic thrillers to science fiction. Just click on the link to your right. 

Happy reading. x

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