Monday 26 March 2018

Roll-up for the mystery tour!

Yesterday was such an unexpectedly beautiful day, that my partner and I decided to change our plans and go on a mystery tour. With no real destination in mind, other than finding somewhere new to explore, we found ourselves in several little country villages and hamlets, before dropping into Knowle for a saunter around the churchyard and a leisurely cuppa.

We chose Elderberry Blacks Café for a drink for both of us, and a sausage and mushroom sandwich for my partner.

But what entranced me most about the place was it's quaintness and in particular the Hobbit-sized toilet.

Now I don't think I've ever written a post about a toilet before, but this one was quirky and unexpected - a bit like me!

With its tiny entrance carved into the framework of the building, the room boasted a log burner and a set of books, as well as the obligatory porcelain.

And it made me smile because I could just imagine Frodo Baggins rummaging around in there. [No cheap jokes about him looking for the ring please ;)...]

So here are the pictures, I hope they make you smile too!

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