Thursday 5 October 2017

Is anyone there?

Apparently William Peter Blatty's house is up for sale, just in time for Halloween. You may know Blatty better, as the author of The Exorcist. So my question is, would you buy a house if you knew for a fact that it was haunted?

No doubt some people would. Certainly the more ghoulish and the lovers of the macabre amongst us would...

The reality is that when you buy any house, you inherit a list of horrors that the previous owner kept hidden from you. But a ghost in the airing cupboard isn't one I've come across before, I admit.

And of course not all of us are believers in things that go bump in the night, anyway. But when I saw this tweet, I just had to ask myself what sort of person I really am. Am I the type who would take the opportunity to experience something otherworldly, or not?

What do you think?

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