Thursday 14 September 2017

Does this make me a badass?

I've had an enormously productive day. I have written several new scenes into my current screenplay, answered emails, done research and generally got on with things.

Now you're wondering why this is news, aren't you? Well the reason is that lately I have taken to networking events like the proverbial fish to water. 

For a while I felt a bit isolated [as writers often do] and decided to get out and about a bit more and network. But it's so time consuming, not to mention draining. How can it not be when we are all so smiley and welcoming to complete strangers? 

In fact it was an absolute breath of fresh air to hear another person comment that networking exhausted them. 

So although I am indeed off to another event tomorrow, I shall be taking a totally different approach. I intend to stand like a star of the silver screen, welcoming yet slightly aloof, alone by choice, and to let the rest of the mob circulate around me like orbiting planets... 

I'll let you know how that works out. In the meantime if you have any tricks or knacks for networking, feel free to post a comment.

Happy reading! x 

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