Monday 20 March 2017

A little bit more of the newest book

Well the new book is well underway, and set to be one of the darkest I have written. This story has been waiting a few years inside of me until it was it's time to come out. I hope you like how it's unfolding:-
I’ve been gone only days from my family, cooped up in the hospital whilst they were all moved into this temporary accommodation and yet it’s like we are strangers, actors put together by a director to portray a normal family. Not that there’s anything remotely normal about this.

“I want to go back to school tomorrow.” The words which leave my mouth surprise me as much as they do her. Somehow the thought bypassed my conscious mind, going straight from my subconscious to my lips.

“But you’ve only just come out of hospital.” That hand reaches for the glass once more, finds it already drained and hovers mid-air, like a little lost bird. I want to catch it, hold it, dip it in the pot of bubbling bolognaise – anything to get a reaction from her that feels just the tiniest bit real.
Happy Reading!

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