Tuesday 14 February 2017

Press Release as featured in newspapers.

Worcestershire author Carmen Capuano is about to make a bit of a stir this month, with the release of her latest novel, Ascension, which she describes as a cross between The Hunger Games and The Da Vinci Code.

Ascension will make a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s certainly not a book for the faint hearted – and that’s exactly why I was so driven to write it,” says Capuano.
And it’s not the author’s first foray into uncomfortable territory. Split Decision which was published previously, caused a small furore when it came out, for its gritty content. Now, under even bigger publishers, Capuano hopes to earn more acclaim for this newest offering.

“I believe that if a story doesn’t make you sit up and think, then the author isn’t doing their job correctly. People tell me my books are riveting and it’s exactly for that reason that I write them.”

And Capuano is no stranger to controversy. “Having been raised as both a Protestant and a Catholic in Glasgow, I was best placed to see how religion can be used as a tool, to control, and to ignite passions.”  
Set in a dystopian world where unmarried mothers are vilified within their Ascension religion, having their children removed and being used as the under-belly of society, the story is fast-paced and gripping.

“Because of the way I write, each new twist and turn of the plot left me breathless, eager for the next page… Ascension’s world is like a dark mirror to our own, an alternative route through our history and the main character is as strong and as bold as I hope I could be in her circumstances.”

Ascension is available through Amazon and all major book retailers.

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